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Mobi Jr.


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Introduce little ones to numbers with this simple and fun number game! Players connect all their number tiles in a grid using operations tiles. First play to connect all their tiles wins!

Not quite ready for Mobi Kids? No worries…Start with Mobi Mini Games which are included inside! These games provide a step-by-step progression towards Mobi Kids.

This fast paced math game is like Bananagrams for basic operations. Tiles are dealt to players who must create crossword-style grids of math problems until they are the first to run out of tiles. The standard game has 162 tiles in a cute, whale-shaped zipper pouch with operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and is recommended for play with up to 6 players ages 6 and up. Mobi Kids is a very similar setup with 86 colorful tiles and operations limited to only addition and subtraction. In addition to the game pieces, there is a little pamphlet with extra activities to help teach your child basic math concepts using the Mobi tiles. Try it at your next family game night! Laura

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Age Ranges

Young Children

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Multiplayer, Single Player, Two Player



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