Amusement Park Plight- 368 Piece Kid’s Escape Puzzle


368 pieces. Can you solve the riddle?

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This Escape Puzzle for KIDS mixes a richly-illustrated 368-piece jigsaw, an exciting storyline and 6 mathematical riddles hidden within the jigsaw image. Once you’ve assembled the puzzle, you need to solve the riddles and “escape”! A little tip – the puzzle image isn’t identical to the box image. Those little changes may help you solve the riddles. Supplied with instructions and solution envelope, Escape also comes with a unique QR code to help you solve the riddles. Riddles difficulty graded at 4/5. Escape Rooms are a popular live game trend where players are locked into a room and together have to solve the puzzles hidden within the room. Escape Puzzle KIDS translates this idea onto a 368pc jigsaw puzzle. A great gift idea and absorbing pastime for children, friends and family members aged 9+.

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Weight 1.43 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 8.75 × 2.5 in


Age Ranges

Young Children, Pre-teen

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