Playmobil Noah’s Ark


Noah’s Ark, by Playmobil

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‘- Noah’s Ark floats and can be upgraded with an underwater motor. – The jetty can be stowed under the roof.
– 2 castors beneath the hull make it easier to roll the boat on the floor.

  • Prepare for the Flood with Noah’s Ark!
  • Guide the animals up the ramp two by two and onto the floating vessel, where they’ll find plenty of room to roam
  • The larger animals, such as zebras and lions, can stretch out on the lower level
  • Here, the Giraffes can also comfortably stand thanks to the open layout, perfect for accommodating their long necks
  • Smaller animals, such as the Chimpanzee, Orangutan, and meerkats, can wander around the upper walkway, while the birds can perch on the rooftop lookout
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