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Do you have the insight to morph the most and win? Your goal is to find the longest string of changes. Start with the ball on one peg over one disc. Then, find another disc that’s different by only one attribute – Color, pattern, or center circle size. Start with a GREEN disc with STRIPES and a LARGE center circle. Move to an ORANGE disc with STRIPES and a LARGE center circle – or a GREEN disc with DOTS and a LARGE center circle – or a GREEN disc with STRIPES and a SMALL center circle… Now – Can you find another? And another? And another?? – Whoever connects and collects the most discs wins the game! Put your pattern recognition skills to the ultimate test with the unique and challenging game of Morphy. Morphy Game of finding the longest string of changes Encourages visual discernment skills, pattern recognition, logic, strategy The first move is the easiest, but will it take you the furthest? Move the ball from peg to peg, landing on discs that are different by only one attribute Collect the discs as you go – Your turn ends when you can’t find another disc to jump to Replenish the grid with discs after each turn Game ends once grid can no longer be replenished Player with most discs at the end of the game wins Includes board, ball, 60 discs Detailed game rules and instructions included High quality materials and construction – Lasting durability

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