Qwirkle Rummy


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Now everyone can get in on the fun! Qwirkle Rummy plays like a mix of Qwirkle and Rummy. In addition to the standard Qwirkle colors, these cards feature dice-like dots in the corner shapes. Players match shapes or the number of dots to create sets. Any player can add to any set or switch cards in the sets, but the real payoff happens when a set of all 6 is completed and a Qwirkle is scored. The player with the most Qwirkles at the end of the games is the winner. It’s the perfect combination of skill and chance that all ages and abilities can play and enjoy!

• Easy for beginners but challenging enough for the most competitive teens and adults
• Teaches young players shapes, forward thinking, early strategy and problem-solving skills
• Sharpens older players’ strategic thinking – a great game to stretch and train your brain!
• For 2 to 4 players
• Includes 108 patterned Qwirkle cards in a travel-sized box

Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up

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Age Ranges

Young Children, Pre-teen, Teen And Older

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Multiplayer, Two Player



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